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Why the stigma?

Many people shudder at the thought of having to implement sleep training. Why?

Baby LoveDoes the thought of their baby crying make them feel like bad parents?
Baby LoveDo they feel like they have failed as parents because their baby isn't sleeping?
Baby LoveWould their family/friends criticize them if they knew they were considering sleep training?

There are various sleep training methods available to parents, but what you need to know is that they all involve some degree of crying. Why? Because your baby will object to the new routine you are implementing and the only way he'll be able to communicate his objection is through crying. Remember that sleep training is just a boundary you are setting, and as a parent you won't stop setting boundaries until your child leaves home, and your child won't stop pushing the boundary! Let's put it into perspective. An 8 month old will cry if he doesn't get what he wants, while a 2 year old will throw a temper tantrum and a 13 year old will back chat you and give you attitude.

Sleep training can be successfully implemented under 2 weeks, while sleep deprivation can last for years.

Baby Love takes a holistic approach towards parenting and we believe that sleep training cannot be done in isolation. Every piece of the Baby Love puzzle needs to be looked at and rectified where necessary, before sleep training can be implemented.

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