Routine & Sleep Training For Babies Designed For Happy Families. Lovingly guide your baby in the gentle art of unassisted sleep.

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Benefits of Baby Love

Once your baby is on an age-appropriate routine and can fall asleep unassisted, self soothe and link his sleep cycles by himself, you will experience the following benefits of the program:

Baby Loveyou'll have structure in your life
Baby Loveyou'll be able to go out as a family
Baby Loveyou'll be able to eat hot dinners again
Baby Loveyou'll have time to spend with your other child
Baby Loveyou'll feel you're in control and feel less overwhelmed
Baby Loveyour baby becomes part of the family and not the family
Baby Loveyou'll be happy and content because you're well rested
Baby Loveyou'll have time for yourself (read a book, relax in the bath)
Baby Lovethe time spent with your baby will be enjoyable, quality time
Baby Loveyou'll be able to function at work because you are well rested
Baby Loveyour baby will be happy and content because he is well rested
Baby Loveyou will want to spend time with your baby because he is happy
Baby Lovethe risk of you suffering from depression is reduced as you are sleeping
Baby Loveyou and your partner will have time for each other (introduce date nights!)
Baby Loveyour consultation with your Baby Love Consultant is face-to-face so it is personal
Baby Loveall the Baby Love Consultants have experienced lack of routine and sleep, so will relate to what you are going through
Baby Loveyou are not alone as your Baby Love Consultant is there to support and guide you for the duration of the program
Baby Loveyou'll be able to honestly say you are a happy family
Baby Loveyou will have your life back