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Is this you?

If you are investigating sleep training it probably means you're not sleeping, and this could mean any of the following:

Baby LoveYou regret having had a baby
Baby LoveYou cry at the drop of a hat
Baby LoveYour sex life is non existent
Baby LoveYou feel useless and a bad mom
Baby LoveYou have headaches due to lack of sleep
Baby LoveYou love your baby but you don't like him
Baby LoveYou are constantly fighting with your partner
Baby LoveYou feel completely overwhelmed and helpless
Baby LoveYou feel like your life as you once knew it is over
Baby LoveYou've toyed with the idea of drugging your baby
Baby LoveYou are unable to make the simplest of decisions
Baby LoveYou are on medication for depression due to lack of sleep
Baby LoveYour head is thick like cotton wool and you can't think clearly
Baby LoveYou have no energy and drag yourself out of bed every morning
Baby LoveYou just want to curl up in a corner, hide your head and be left alone
Baby LoveYou wish for your 'old' life back - the one when you weren't a mother
Baby LoveThe thought of giving your baby away to any willing taker is appealing
Baby LoveYou resent your baby because it is because of him that you aren't sleeping
Baby LoveYou don't want to spend any time with him because he is constantly crying because he is so tired
Baby LoveThere are times when you could physically harm your baby and therefore don't trust yourself around him
Baby LoveYou feel guilty because you have these thoughts but you daren't tell anyone

Is this you? Can you relate to any or all of the above? Yes? It's OKAY! It doesn't mean you are a bad parent. All the Baby Love Consultants have personally experienced all or some of the above feelings.

Remember, a baby who doesn't sleep enough during the day and at night, is an unhappy baby who may not feed properly and not meet his milestones. An unhappy baby means an unhappy family. By attending a Baby Love consultation, your Baby Love Consultant will show you how to lovingly guide your baby towards an age-appropriate routine and healthy sleeping patterns. Your Baby Love Consultant is there to guide you and support you so you are not alone on this journey.

The success of your baby's night, and ultimately your night, is dependant on the success of your baby's daytime routine

Being a parent is not about sleepless nights, frustration and tears. Parenting must be a joyful and fulfilling experience and because Baby Love is Designed For Happy Families, allow us to guide you towards that happiness.