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We recommend the following websites for further reading
Baby Calm provides South African Solutions to Infant Reflux, Colic, Food Allergies and Intolerances and Sleeping Problems. Baby Calm offers both information and a comprehensive directory of Products, Practitioners and Services to help Parents and Babies. Baby Calm is however not limited to the above mentioned conditions but is a great resource for all Parents, with a variety of Products, Services and Practitioners suitable for all babies."
Babyworks was founded by Heather Carroll - a registered nursing sister, midwife, and community health trained nurse. Heather has extensive experience in dealing with pregnant Moms, breastfeeding/lactation, infant and toddler nutrition, developmental assessments, in fact anything mom and baby related.
Babyworks offers Antenatal Childbirth Education Classes and a Baby Clinic.
For further info please contact Heather on or visit
(Dr Warrick Botha, also specialises in the treatment of Baby Colic)
Dr Warrick Botha and his wife Tasha are Baby Love 'graduates'- parents who have successfully implemented Baby Love on their 4 month old son Troy (click here for their success story).
Besides being a Baby Love 'graduate', Dr Warrick Botha is a Chiropractor based in Sandton, Johannesburg and specialises in the treatment of Baby Colic, Back & Neck Pain, Sciatica, Whiplash, Headaches and Pinched Nerves. He has a holistic approach to health which makes use of traditional Chiropractic techniques such as Spinal and Pelvic Manipulation for relief of joint pain as well as complementary techniques such as Soft Tissue Massage, Dry Needling, Trigger Point Therapy, Electrotherapy, Heat and Stretching for muscular and other soft tissue pain relief.
Contact Dr Warrick Botha on 071 343 3652 / Email:
Drugwatch is an invaluable resource where consumer safety comes first. Their mission is to keep all online readers informed, healthy and safe when it comes to health concerns that affect expecting mothers. Topics like pregnancy health concerns can be found on the site. The educational guide dives into childbirth, breastfeeding, medication risk, recalls, birth defects and postpartum wellness for expecting mother.
Granny Mouse is a dedicated baby day care for babies between 3 and 18 months. Founded by a working mom for working moms, Granny Mouse strives to be a true "home away from home" for your baby, and offer only the best in day care from our excellent baby to caregiver ratio, quality nutrition, age appropriate stimulation, high level of safety and security and most important of all, LOVE! The Baby Love routine is applied to ensure that sleep and awake times are controlled to allow for well rested babies that are then ready to develop well.
The South African Multiple Birth Association provides, amongst many other things, moral and practical support to parents or guardians of multiple births.