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Baby LoveNo matter where in the world you live, be it in South Africa or abroad, you can still benefit from the Baby Love services.

Baby LovePlease take comfort in the knowledge that there is light at the end of the tunnel… it doesn't have to remain doom and gloom for ever.

Baby LoveBaby Love can offer you the Baby Love correspondence course which can be done via Zoom.

The investment you are making in your baby’s life and thus yours:

Baby LoveCorrespondence courses via Zoom take place during the day, during the week.

Baby LoveUpon confirmation of payment you will be emailed your personalized electronic Baby Love manual.

Baby LoveOnce received you need to set up a time and date with your Consultant to hold the correspondence course.

Baby LovePlease note: The correspondence course must take place within 1 month of payment being made.

Baby LovePlease note: Do not implement the Baby Love program until you have had your consultation!

Baby LoveYour Consultant will take you through the program, step-by-step, and answer any questions you might have.

Baby LoveYou will be given exactly the same individual attention as if you were a private or workshop client.

Baby LoveYou'll receive a unique customer number so after the course and if you have any questions, you can contact your Consultant for support.

The Baby Love manual you receive will:

Baby Loveexplain to you what to expect from your baby once you bring him home from hospital, for that is when the hard work starts!

Baby Loveshow you how to guide your baby onto an age appropriate day time routine and sleeping pattern

Baby Loveshow you how to rectify any routine and sleep related issues you may be experiencing

Baby Loveshow you how to maintain the routines as they will change as your baby grows older

The Baby Love Zoom correspondence course is very popular and to date Baby Love has clients in:
Baby LoveAbroad
New York, North Carolina, Denver Colorado, Brazil, Stockholm, New Zealand, London, Dubai, Namibia
Baby LoveSouth Africa
Pretoria, Nelspruit, White River, Limpopo

YES! I would love to enrol for the Baby Love Zoom correspondence consultation. Please email

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully introducing you to Baby Love AND well rested nights!