Routine & Sleep Training For Babies Designed For Happy Families. Lovingly guide your baby in the gentle art of unassisted sleep.

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Baby Love is a nationwide company comprising of very special women who are compassionate, enthusiastic, understanding and determined to help parents who find themselves caught up in the quagmire of sleep deprivation. Some of the Baby Love Sleep Consultants are Baby Love 'graduates' - parents who have successfully implemented the Baby Love program in their own home, and who are now reaping the benefits of well rested nights. The Baby Love Sleep Consultants fully understand that if baby is well rested = well rested parents = a happy home and Baby Love is Designed For Happy Families.

Sian Cannell

Sian Cannell
Baby Love Sleep Consultant
Edgemead and surrounds

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Carrie Turner

Carrie Turner
Baby Love Sleep Consultant
Kenilworth and surrounds

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