Routine & Sleep Training For Babies Designed For Happy Families. Lovingly guide your baby in the gentle art of unassisted sleep.

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Port Elizabeth

Each Baby Love Consultant is a recovering sleep deprived parent and now a Baby Love 'graduate', i.e. they personally experienced sleep deprivation and the negative effects it had on their baby and their family as a whole, and they have successfully implemented the Baby Love program in their own home and are now living proof that Baby Love is Designed For Happy Families!

Each Consultant is sympathetic and understanding towards your needs and your current situation, simply because they have all 'been there, done that and got the T-shirt'.

Port Elizabeth is without a Baby Love Consultant and Baby Love would love to have a Baby Love presence in Port Elizabeth again.

If you believe you are that special woman who Baby Love is looking for, then please email your CV and any other personal information that will give Head Office better insight into you as a person, to